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Coronavirus Pandemic: Many Businesses Speed Up AI Automation

LONDON - England - The coronavirus pandemic has seen a speeding up of automation in business models, utilising robotics and AI.

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Just as the global coronavirus pandemic coincided with the global roll out of 5G technology, and the masts were being put up during the lockdown, so too are many businesses thinking about a world with less employees. Companies are now attempting to automate most of their operations with AI systems.

The ONS estimates that 1.5 million jobs will be automated within the next few years, and with the coronavirus pandemic, things are speeding up for companies to develop better and faster technical systems to replace human employees. Robots will replace 20 million factory jobs by 2030.


The ONS has analysed the jobs of 20 million people1 in England in 2017, and has found that 7.4% are at high risk of automation.

Automation involves replacing tasks currently done by workers with technology, which could include computer programs, algorithms, or even robots.

Women, young people, and those who work part-time are most likely to work in roles that are at high risk of automation. SOURCE

Businesses like Uber, were actually modelled on robotic autonomous vehicles, therefore, losing their human drivers will only bring the company back to their initial vision.

“Humans are now very much a liability, they can get sick, they need to be paid, they need holidays, they need tribunals and rights. With automation, we just let the technical system run and it can go for days with minimal assistance and minimal cost to us,” one employer revealed.


The most at risk jobs of automation are listed as those who work in factories, manufacturing, hospitality business, drivers, telemarketing, bookkeeping clerks, clerical, accountants, compensation and benefits managers, receptionists, couriers, proofreaders, computer support specialists, market research analysts, advertising salespeople, retail salespeople — these are some amongst an exhaustive list.

“Now is the time that many businesses are taking advantage of the situation with coronavirus to take away many of the human jobs and automate their systems almost fully. It is the perfect opportunity to integrate AI systems, and robotics to streamline services for the everyday consumer, and increase productivity,” Neil Foreman, a CEO of a marketing company revealed.

So, what happens to the people that lose their jobs after being replaced by automated systems or robots?

In every process of change people adapt to the situation, as did happen in the 19th century Industrial Revolution. The factories put many traditional rural jobs out of commission and made them redundant, but where people lost their jobs, they gained by doing other types of work, so everything is interchangeable in the long-term process of technique.

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