hollywood mansion harry and meghan

The vulgar monstrosity that Harry and Meghan are staying in Los Angeles is 15 times the size of their English cottage Frogmore, plus 10 times the size of Will’s and Kate’s place but with zero style or class.

Vulgar crass classless

Harry and Meghan are currently scrounging off some low-level token black Hollywood producer Christian fanatic, and the 24 rooms are replete with vulgar furnishings that some pimp from Atlanta would have a hard time dealing with.

“It’s like a pimp palace, fake gold furnishings fake chandeliers and typical hip hop vulgar furniture. You know like you get from some debt ridden rapper on MTV cribs,” a real estate agent revealed.

Security Nightmare

The property is not only a vulgar turd hole, it is a security nightmare. Backing away from the pool, is a mountainous area where any clued-up terrorist, tabloid photographer or lone sniper could hide out for days without being spotted.


Security expert, Don Goldman, saw a picture of the property and was astounded that someone like Harry, who has royal Windsor blood running through his veins, would agree to be exposed to such a spot.

“The mountainside can hide platoons of paparazzi and terrorists at the same time. Snipers would have a field day, or why not someone with a bazooka? The only place that is guarded is the front of the house and the gate. They are also paying for two security officers, probably just armed with a pistol. It has been reported these security officers are just used to run errands for the couple, sent to get Starbucks all day.”

Carbon footprint

The supposed virtue signalling eco-couple better not preach about the ice caps melting any time soon after living in this monstrous vast carbon shedding fuck hole.