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Twitter Bots Voted Against Elon Musk in Resignation Poll

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Elon Musk may have to resign as CEO after millions of Twitter bots voted for his resignation.

It seems Elon Musk is sometimes his own worst enemy. Anyone with some form of logic would know that on a platform full of trolls and bots, polls don’t mean shit. You just can’t trust the Twitter mob, and it was inevitable they would vote for Elon Musk to resign as CEO. To Musk’s credit, he may have wanted that result, because the poor guy seems overwhelmed since being duped into buying the site for $44 billion.

Whatever the agenda or faction, Twitter is awash with bots and there is nothing the administration can do about it. If they somehow managed to erase the bots, that would be at least 85% of Twitter users gone.

Bots are utilised for many things on Twitter; from skewing elections, manipulating interest in certain stocks/crypto to ramping up retail sales for products, as well as meting out mob justice. If one faction wants a certain person banned or shadowbanned, the bots will target the victim and report them to Twitter support en masse. Et voila, the victim is banned.

Even savvy billionaires make mistakes sometimes. Don’t take it to heart Elon, simply notch it up, then move on.

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