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Bank of England Condemns Britain to More Recession With Rate Rise

LONDON - England - Inflation will continue to rise as the Bank of England stupidly ruins the economy with another interest rate rise.

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The insane policies of the Bank of England raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point to 4.25% will not only fuel more inflation but condemn Britain’s economy to the shit bucket of history.

The Bank falsely claimed the outlook for the economy was slightly improved with an increase in the economy of 0.00000001%, and it was no longer predicting a technical recession, where the economy shrinks for two consecutive quarters, but everyone knows that’s a load of codswallop.

“I just lost my home, my business and everything I own thanks to these insane rate rises and that punishing Jeremy Hunt spring budget. Thank you. I am now off to Waterloo Bridge. Goodbye and fuck you!” a man revealed just after the news of the interest rate rise hit.

By pushing up interest rates, more banks will go under as liquidity disappears and borrowing costs increase, as well as people desperately try to take their money out of the banks. Before the real storm hits, many are urged to take their money out of mainstream banks otherwise when the bail-ins occur, people will be standing around with a fat useless ‘I owe you’ form that will never be fulfilled. Don’t forget to have a fucking umbrella handy when the bankers start jumping out of their tower blocks.

Threadneedle Street were today celebrating with another champagne fuelled party honouring another economic botch job that will kill business and murder the economy for decades.

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