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Woke Fascist Ideology Bypasses Facts and Implants Lies

LONDON - England - Wokism is an evil retrograde fascist ideology that seeks to implant lies into known logic and facts, as well as destroy art and literature.

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For the dangerous woke fascist ideology, Queen Elizabeth I was a black woman, and women are not women, books and Western literature written by previously celebrated authors should all be desecrated and rearranged to accommodate a fascist censorious agenda ashamed of their inferior cultural status in history.

Western civilisation and its technological prowess over other cultures in the past is blamed for its cultural imperialism, but is it fair to blame advanced cultures over subaltern ones? Just because the West innovated vast technological and scientific leaps whilst places like Sub-Saharan Africa never did, should that be a crime? It just is what it is.

Wokism cannot create anything new, as an evil fascist ideology it can only take known facts, films, songs, books and censor them. In this respect, Wokism is anti-art, and an anti-creative destructive form of censorship, cancelling anything in its path it deems as superior or against its hyper-sensitive politically correct directives.

Virtue signalling wokists claim to be ‘inclusive’ when in fact wokism is a highly divisive and racist ideology denigrating which ever race is not in vogue at any given moment, these fascist controlling hateful dictators believe freedom of expression should be punished. Being woke is an inherently offensive totalitarian ideology that deletes, cancels entire swathes of literature or people from all existence simply for the crime of existing.

This insidious and flagitious ideology of the woke divides and destroys all culture, art and society to the point that eventually civil war and massive civil unrest is inevitable. There is a distinct reasoning to demoralising and destabilising entire nations from within by using the Woke ideology, as a nation’s enemy implants this nefarious poison into the very fabric of any internal national identity.

You are made to hate the very own fabric of your national identity, the colour of your skin, your language, your literature, your culture and even your sex. This is why 5-year-old boys and girls are being encouraged to mutilate their bodies forever, this is why the biological scientific facts, the universal logic of being male and female, yin and yang, is under attack.

If every logical fact and every scientific fact, and every piece of known literature is attacked and destroyed by the totalitarian woke ideology with implanted lies, half-truths and nonsense — the entire fabric of Western civilisation and democracy will disappear.

As in every totalitarian political system like fascism or communism, repetition is utilised by the woke controllers to completely blanket the masses with woke propaganda at every point of their lives. Repeat any lie enough times, and it eventually becomes the truth. This is how the woke operate, and they will not stop because they have infiltrated the highest echelons of control in every sector now.

Only a few dare to speak up about this, and the Daily Squib is proud to be one of the very few, as much as we are punished. Unless what little freedom we have left is reinstated soon, we will lose everything and once it’s gone — it’s gone forever.

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  1. Jesus was a black man
    No Jesus was Batman
    No, no, no, no, f*ck
    That was Bruce Wayne ,

    Happy Mondays (eat .al, )

  2. This is wrong. Being woke is means being inclusive to everyone. You should take this lies down immediately.

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