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Experts: China Could Be Defeated in One Week

LONDON - England - The Preserve Think Tank has revealed a few points on how the aggressive Chinese Communist Party could be defeated in one week.

Yes, you read that correctly — China could be defeated in one week. It would be very easy to destroy China, and it would not take long to do so. To start with, it is obvious that the Chinese economy would be the first target, and would enable an internal struggle from within the country which would act towards its eventual complete annihilation.

  1. All Western companies who have their products manufactured in China or who use Chinese materials would be banned from doing so.
  2. All Western retail outlets would cease operations within China and in the West dealing with Chinese goods. Anything labelled as ‘Made in China’ would be made illegal. Any product utilising Chinese subsidiaries would be banned.
  3. Any African nation who signed up to the Chinese ‘Belt and Road’ initiative would be banned from receiving any Western aid in the future unless they cease operations with the CCP. The same would apply to any developing or Third World nation globally.
  4. All Chinese agents and Western agents working for China would be rounded up and incarcerated in military prisons. This includes woke agents in Western companies promoting a woke agenda for the purposes of Western demoralisation in the guise of inclusivity. This would include high ranking billionaires or even members of the WEF and such.
  5. All Hollywood companies who have taken money from China or are currently in the process of taking money from Chinese funding companies linked to the CCP will be shut down and the agents involved with procuring funding from China arrested.
  6. Any Western ally around the world who panders to or has economic ties with China will be either dropped as an ally or told to cease operations with China in any capacity.
  7. All Western politicians who have current dealings with the CCP, its affiliates, currently or in the past would be investigated and possibly tried for treason, and arrested.
  8. All social media companies who have had or currently have ties with China or any subsidiaries to the CCP will be investigated and the agents working within these companies will be arrested. If necessary, the entire social media company will be shut down indefinitely. This applies to all Big Tech Silicone Valley companies.
  9. All advertising agencies in the West will be investigated for their ties to the Chinese Communist Party and funding. By pandering to the woke agenda of demoralisation engineered by CCP intelligence officers, advertising executives and board members could be arrested if they were involved in any Chinese deals.
  10. All assets acquired by Chinese citizens in Western countries will be seized — this will include businesses, hotels, factories, and any other real estate.

The result would be seen within one week, and of course, these actions would initially have some effect on the Western economy itself, however adjustments would cause more damage to the West’s enemies. China’s factories would cease operations. The hundreds of ghost cities built by the Chinese would be a grotesque reminder of what their economy is actually built on.

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