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No DNA Evidence Biden Killed Defunct Terror Group Leader

KABUL - Afghanistan - The Biden administration claims to have offed the defunct Al-Qaeda terror organisation's leader.

How’s that for a fitting end to the now defunct Al Qaeda story? The Joe Biden administration, after fucking up the exit of Afghanistan by leaving the Taliban over 100 billion dollars of high end US military equipment, takes it upon himself to blow some old man on a balcony to smithereens with some CIA rockets.

There is little or any evidence that the so-called target Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was still alive or was hit by two American Hellfire missiles delivered from a drone. If on the off chance the true target was vapourised, who cares? The old fucker was useless anyway, and Al Qaida is long gone since the American funding dried up, giving the organisation a great start in the early years.

One can tentatively imagine an old man in his eighties shuffling onto the balcony for his daily breath of fresh air and to listen to the birds chirping in the trees. He momentarily looks up to see a raven winking at him, then boom — nothing.

With the death of some inconsequential old man, naturally the Biden administration feel vindicated as they do victory laps around an empty stadium.

Congratulations on your Pyrrhic victory, Joe. No one apart from you gives a flying sideways fuck.

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