Brass Balls Pelosi or Taunting China For War Crazy?

TAIPEI - Taiwan - Nancy Pelosi has arrived in the country provoking a furious response from the communist Chinese government.

nancy pelosi
Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Democrat Party

Nancy Pelosi, the madam of the Democrat party arrived at Taipei Airport in Taiwan much to the derision of the communist Chinese, but what does this really mean?

The Daily Squib prophesied in 2011 that America would bait the Chinese and Russians to war, and surely enough there has been provocation after provocation. Obama’s administration meddled with the Russian controlled president in Ukraine and eventually after being ousted, Putin had enough and invaded the East annexing part of the country. The West awakened the sleeping Russian bear, and now with shit going on in Taiwan and the South-East China Sea, the Chinese dragon has awakened.

War must come at some point simply because it is the natural cycle of progression. The Democrat socialist agenda has already ruined the US economy and the stockmarkets are faltering. Biden’s idiotic and wasteful stance on eco matters has also stunted growth, as well as his insane open door policy of letting in half of South America’s poorest people to become a social security burden on American taxpayers. When the economy has nowhere to go then going to war is always a surefire bet. The Democrats are both stupid enough and desperate enough to bait Russia and China. Retraction. Some of these Democrats are Neocons at heart, or should that be Neolibs?

It’s just about pushing those select buttons to trigger these sleeping totalitarian military nations into action. As the globe’s finite resources diminish and are forever lost it is only natural that the competing factions will fight wars so that they are the sole winners of the last of earth’s resources. With global population growth estimated to reach 10-12 billion at the current rate of breeding, this will also be a catalyst for war.

Fighting the commie Chinese though won’t be a walk in the park. The PLA is manned by robots — communist human automaton robots with serious programming of these shitbags. Brainwashing of these communist twerps starts at birth. They just go forward in battle like mindless programmed communist droids.

Pelosi probably does not know it herself but she is a dumb pawn in a much bigger game.

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