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George H. Bush Father of September 11, Iraq War and Freedom Fries Dies

TEXAS - USA - Former U.S. President, George H. Bush has sadly died today at the age of 94, leaving behind a large dynasty and legacy.

It is a sad day today, the father of Dubya, September 11, Iraq wars, and a burgeoning post Soviet NWO 911 future as stated in the Project for a New American Century, George H. Bush, is finally dead.

George Herbert Walker Bush came from good stock, his father Prescott Sheldon Bush, was one of the American bankers who helped fund the Nazis. Along with Brown Brothers Harriman, and UBC, Hitler’s rise to power was assured.

“If it was not for George Herbert Bush who spawned Dubya, that PNAC stated Pearl Harbor moment on September 11, which led to the 2nd Gulf War, would never have happened. People needed a uniting impetus to enlist, and to agree to both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — 911 was a beautifully engineered example. The wars achieved a remarkable statistic of over 2 million Muslims killed or displaced from their homes. American companies were given first dibs at oil contracts in Iraq, the second largest oil fields in the world. The ongoing campaign was also the precept for the Syrian war, which has seen further bloodshed in the Middle East,” a former aide revealed proudly.

America is now in mourning, for a great servant to its nation, and a man whose legacy will live on for many centuries to come.

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