7 Beautiful Places to Go to So You Can Tap On Your Phone

LONDON - England - It's that time of the year again when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping their cheerful songs. The Daily Squib reveals 7 places in the world where you can go to enjoy looking at your smartphone screen and tap away on the keyboard to your hearts content.


The Daily Squib Guide to Beautiful Smartphone Use


1) The Iguazu Waterfalls on the tri-border region of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are truly astounding, so get out your smartphone, turn your back to their sheer magnificence and enjoy using it to look at your latest Facebook profile update for hours on end.


2) Glen Nevis in Scotland will bring true harmony and peace to your smartphone tapping skills. Don’t forget to pack some deep fried mars bars for the four hour trek.


3) The Taj Mahal in India. Why not forget it even exists as you tap away endlessly at some inane nonsense on some social networking site?


4) Petra, Jordan. An ancient civilisation lies behind you as you tap away furiously at the miniscule keyboard on your smartphone.


5) The only Grand Canyon here is the memory on your smartphone as it fills up with enough apps to keep you busy for years on end.


6) Lake Louise, Canada. You won’t even notice you are here or that Grizzly sneaking up behind you.


7) Killarney, Ireland. A beautiful spot to turn your back to and get comfortable tapping away endlessly to the sounds of peace and quiet.