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Thanks to Facebook Live Streaming – New Zealand Massacre All Over Internet Now

CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand - Thanks to social networks like Facebook, livestreaming massacres spread far and wide across the internet.

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The sickness of social media sharing sites like Facebook extends to all facets of human behaviour it seems, it’s not only about sharing the sweet family moments, or that barbecue, or the holiday you are having, psychos like to share as well, and they do it with the thanks of social media.

The grotesque 17 minute video which was live streamed on Facebook during the cowardly massacre of 49 unarmed Muslim worshippers in a New Zealand mosque yesterday is the epitome of live streaming. It is also a testament to the gross negligence of companies like Facebook that encourage sharing at all costs, these companies want you to share everything, and they certainly got that with the massacre. To top it all off Facebook showed ads right next to the massacre live stream bolstering their advertising revenue no doubt.

Such is the malaise of the dying days of modern civilisation, that Facebook will get away with their incessant crimes, of not only secretly raiding the private information of its users, but of live streaming genocidal atrocities for profit. Of course, they will say they took down the offensive material, but it took too long and by that time had been published on multiple sites, spreading like wildfire.

The 17 minute video is a horrifically fascinating insight into the mind of a deranged white Christian supremacist killer who has obviously never met a Muslim person in real life but only read about them in the context of terrorism, and war. With a plethora of weapons oddly emblazoned with dedications to people affected by Muslim extremists, this Christian extremist also has an interesting playlist going on in the car stereo.

The playlist starts off with a Serbian song about the removal of the kebab, in other words kill all Muslims, then goes on to the British Grenadiers Fife and Drum march, then on to the techno version of the Waffen SS marching song, then onto Fire by Arthur Brown, and so on..

During the live stream, the killer urges people to subscribe to Pewdiepie, a YouTube personality. Poor Pewdiepie, he did not ask for this, and has since shown his revulsion by writing up his disgust at the dedication.

Then we’re off..the killing starts very quickly when the man enters the mosque with a shotgun and his AR-15s. He is greeted at the door by a Muslim worshipper who says “Hello, brother,” before being blasted in the face.

There is no need to describe the rest of the live stream except to remark how cowardly an act it is. Massacring unarmed worshippers, men, women, children of any faith is not an act that can even be commented on in full, it is beyond cowardice and sickening. There is no doubt, however that many Christians who did watch the video, probably enjoyed it.

While all of this is being live streamed, the POV camera view is reminiscent of one of those shooting games you get on your PS4. Gun and arms forward, as the shooting continues. It is interesting how these games have trained a whole generation of killers, where shooting others in game is trivialised to such a level, that it transfers itself to real life too. Humans come a dime a dozen, just add hatred of a certain faction into the mix, then casually mow down with your choice of weapon.

The skewed ideology of killers such as this can never justify such a show of cowardice, and the killer even comments in the car ride afterwards, chuckling that he was in a ‘firefight’. That was no firefight, a firefight is when you have an armed opponent, not when you have innocent unarmed worshippers who are not even wearing their shoes.

No doubt, thanks to the unregulated nature of social networks like Facebook and YouTube, these live broadcasts will continue when the next genocidal atrocity arises.

Please note, the DS is not affiliated to any religious faction or political ideology.


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