MPs Now Pushed Towards Two Choices – Stay in EU by Revoking Article 50 or Stay in EU With Theresa May’s Deal

LONDON - England - With a third vote looming trying to force MPs to vote for Theresa May's bad deal, MPs are being pushed to either revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU or accept May's bad deal and stay in the EU.

Pushed into a corner after a Clean Brexit, or Real Brexit was taken off the table, which would have brought forward a £140 billion windfall to the UK’s coffers economically in the long-term, plus afforded total freedom from the EU, the House of Commons amendments fielded by Remainer MPs on the Brussels gravy train, have left only two options on the table.

MPs, with guns to their heads, are now being forced to accept Theresa May’s deal, which means there will be no Brexit. The choice now is, take her horrid shister of a deal and stay in the EU, or abandon any hope of leaving and stay in the EU anyway by revoking Article 50.

What does a career MP do in such circumstances? Well, the simple question is, do you put your integrity and your country before that of capitulating to the EU and treacherous forces within parliament?

The Daily Squib are Brexiteers through and through, and in these circumstances, we would not be forced to vote for Theresa May’s deal, which has been rejected twice already. One must simply abstain, reject and emphatically remove that deal from complete existence because it is not a Brexit as voted for by 17.4 million people on June 23, 2016.

We voted to leave without backstops, to leave the Customs Union, the Single Market, the CFP, the CAP and to make our own sovereign laws, and to secure our own borders with our own laws, and to leave the ECJ, and all the other EU departments, regulations, directives.

As of speaking, leaving the EU with a Clean Brexit is still law under Article 50, despite the treachery of parliamentary amendments which are just a gauge of sentiment. We already know that over 80% of the House of Commons and Lords wants to destroy Brexit, and with a weak Remainer PM like Theresa May, they are going about their business very effectively, however, March 29 marches on.

Do not capitulate to a third vote on a horrendous May deal which will mean the UK is bent over a table, forced to pay £39 billion to the EU before being unceremoniously rogered up the backside by laughing unelected Eurocrats.

No! No! No!