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Happy Eostre Celebrating Pagan Spring

LUXOR - Egypt - Easter was stolen from the pagan goddess Eostre, and all the elements of the pagan festival adopted by Christianity.

Just like most things, the Christian religion stole Easter from the pagans who celebrated Eostre with little fluffy bunnies as a symbol thousands of years before Christianity was invented.

The Christians stole the symbolic pagan ritual of the son (sun) on a cross and the solar rebirth. The cross actually is symbolic of the Southern Cross constellation, and Eostre was celebrated as the sun overcoming the powers of darkness thousands of years before the Christians hijacked the pagan rituals for themselves.

The goddess Eostre’s symbol was a rabbit, and the exchange of eggs, painted in decorative designs was a pagan custom which symbolised rebirth. Hot cross buns are another ancient custom stolen from the pagans by the Christians, even though in the early days of Christianity the clergy tried to stop the pagan women from baking sacred cakes to celebrate Eostre. Eventually over time the Christians adopted the same tradition they tried to ban in the first place.

Christianity did not only steal from the ancient Sumerian civilisation with the story of the great flood (Epic of Gilgamesh) but the 4000 B.C. Sumerian goddess Inanna (Ishtar – Easter) was plundered for her story, as she was hanged naked on a stake, resurrected ascending from the underworld.

Christianity also stole greatly from the ancient Egyptians, with the god Horus, born on the 25 December, a symbol of life and rebirth, adopted by the Christians as Jesus and the spring equinox. Horus was conceived by a virgin named Meri (Mary) and had a stepfather named Seb (Joseph). Born in a cave (manger), his birth was announced by an angel, and a star heralded his birth, attended by shepherds (wise men). At the age of 30 this god was baptised in a river, and he had 12 disciples. Horus (KRST = Christ) performed miracles, raising someone from the dead, and walked on water. Iusa or Horus was eventually crucified on a cross between two thieves and after three days in a tomb rose from the dead. The sun god, Mithras, who fired an arrow at a rock creating water, an act the Christians took as the symbol of baptism, was also part of the great Christian theft. There are many more examples of ancient pagan gods being adopted by the Christians in their bible.

Throughout history and the ancient world, elements of the pagans were plundered by the Christians to amalgamate into their new religion which then flourished as the old pagan followers and their priests were persecuted to death.

Once the pagans and their temples had been destroyed, it was time to build churches in their place and to spread Christianity across the globe by force. The Spanish Inquisition and the Spanish genocidal spread of forced Christianity in South America are prime examples.

All of this is old news of course, and most people know it, however the man-made religion of Christianity still continues simply because it is so entrenched in tradition now.

Generationally adopted from each family line, and promoted by the great deceiver priests in their magnificent church buildings. This is why you have to enjoy your plundered Easter today, knowing full well how it is a stolen festival borne from the blood of murdered pagans who were erased from history by the Christian zealots and their armies.

The symbol of the Christian Easter today should be dead pagan corpses swimming in rivers of blood with Christian soldiers ordered by priests standing triumphant over their plunder.


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