Biden Denies He is a “Useless Sack of Shit”

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Joe Biden denies that he is a "useless piece of shit".

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Joe Biden today emphatically denied that he was a “useless sack of shit” and vowed on continuing on his current path of uselessness.

“C’mon man gimme a break. I just let in 400,000 Hondurans through the border only yesterday, what with falling down the stairs three times and letting the Russians take the rest of the Ukraine, as well as bankrupting the USA with the Trillion dollar Great Reset, I’m doing great,” Biden quipped from his basement.

Biden never mentions the election any more, simply because it is a sore subject. Amazingly, despite hardly appearing on the campaign trail, he was said to amass over 85 million votes, more than anyone in the history of elections.

“No, I will not go there. Those dead people and illegals who voted Democrat, as well as the non existent voters who miraculously voted, actually voted for me. My contacts in the CCP can vouch for me 110%.”

Americans can be proud of their electoral and Judicial system because they abandoned the American people when they needed them most.

In 2024 when the next US election takes place, it can be assured now that the Democrats will win that one as well, and subsequent elections thereafter.