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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Bible Historians Uncover Scripture Revealing That Jesus Could Not Swim

JERUSALEM - Israel - According to a new archaeological find, Jesus Christ could not swim, but was proficient in the art of walking on water.

If You Believe in Jesus You Believe in Supernatural Magical Beings...

LONDON - England - Is it not time that people started to question their unquestioning blind belief in the super powered entity, Jesus Christ, who has no record of ever existing?

Theologians: Jesus May Have Turned Water into Scotch Malt Whisky

ROME - Italy - New parchments discovered by theologians prove that Jesus also changed water into whisky.

Bible Experts: Jesus Smoked Marijuana and Used Cannabis Oil For ‘Miracles’

COLORADO - USA - New findings from religious scholars reveal evidence that Jesus and his disciples smoked cannabis and used cannabis derived oils for miracle cures.

Mild Mannered Christians Proclaim Jihad On Greggs Bakery

OXFORD - England - In response to an advertisement depicting a Greggs sausage roll instead of Jesus in a Manger, many Christians have declared Jihad on the bakery.

Jesus Photographed by Mars Rover Christians Celebrate

FLORIDA - USA - Jesus Christ has been photographed by the Mars rover for the first time, and all over the world, Christians have been celebrating.

Jesus to Land in North Korea on Wednesday

TEXAS - USA - Prominent Pastor, Julius Oswald, for the Holy Texas Episcopalypse Baptist church has predicted that Jesus will land on earth soon and he has even pinpointed the exact location of his re-entry onto our planet.

Armed Priests in Massive U.S. Church Shoot-out

CALABASAS - USA - Fifteen heavily armed priests from two neighbouring churches in a small town have been involved in a massive shoot out lasting for over five hours and involving over thirty police officers.

Scientists Find Atom That Looks Like Jesus

KENTUCKY - USA - Scientists at the Fry University of Kentucky have come up with an incredible discovery that may revolutionise how we visualise some atoms.

Mrs Jesus Christ Kept Her Husband's Robe Freshly Ironed

JERUSALEM - Israel - A newly discovered piece of papyrus has brought new light into the life of Jesus, a professor and expert in Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has revealed.

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