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Jesus Photographed by Mars Rover Christians Celebrate

FLORIDA - USA - Jesus Christ has been photographed by the Mars rover for the first time, and all over the world, Christians have been celebrating.


“I knew it was true when I saw the Mars Rover Curiosity photos relayed across NASA’s screens. You know what I said, I said ‘Je-e-esus H Christ’ Dang I just couldn’t help myself, there he was right in front of the whole world,” Reverend Bilko McMorgan for the South Texas Episcopacopapal Baptist Exultation Church of the Latter Day Mormons told CBS news.

Followers in Rome’s Vatican City all lit candles at the same time and Pope Francis lined up twenty convicts to kiss and wash their feet.

Some were however slightly disappointed, as they assumed Jesus would come back to earth and not some desolate red rock in the middle of nowhere.

“When he comes back to earth then I’ll be happy in Rapture. What the hell is Jesus thinking? Maybe he gone and done a mistake or something,” Al Hertz, a window cleaner from Dumpville, Massachusetts told local stations.

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