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EU Migrants into UK Will Get Free Petrol Says Brussels

SCUNTHORPE - England - The new Free Roaming Directive from Brussels will allow EU migrants to get free petrol from any station in the UK a Brussels Eurocrat revealed today.


“It goes without saying that when EU migrants come to the UK, they should also be given free petrol to help them on their way. Remember that these migrants come from some of the poorest countries and need all the help they can get to give them a head start,” Jens Ofhalf, EU Minister of Transport told the BBC.

Already, the length and breadth of Britain, massive queues have been forming as the millions of EU migrants wait to fill their cars and vans.

Albert Rentricle, 67, a retired baker from Peckham, South London was turned away from a petrol station when trying to fill up his car initially but when he went back to the petrol station he pretended to be Romanian and received a full tank and a free air freshener for his car.

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