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Life Coach Turns Around Man’s Life Before Money Runs Out and He’s Back to Square One

LOS ANGELES - USA - A life coach turned around one man's life and he was successful for an amazing six weeks before his money ran out and he was dumped by the life enhancement guru.


Ed Purbiss, 43, an every day Joe in anyone’s book wanted to turn his life around but was dealt an even heavier blow when the life coach took his remaining money and even left him in serious debt.

“That’s what we do with all of them. The only one who wins with our scheme is us. We make you believe in unattainable bullshit that no one can achieve, then we fleece you for as much money as we can get, then dump you when your money runs out or you lose hope of ever achieving the unattainable. As for all the life enhancing books that are out there, the only people making s loads of money and turning around their lives are the life coaches. That just goes without saying. Cha ching!” an anonymous life coach said from his plush mansion with a Lamborghini parked in the drive.

If you have been fleeced by a Life Coach you can call the Life Coach Victim Support line on 1-800 LIFEVICTIM (Calls will be charged at $380/minute)

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