Small Enclave of Men Still Exists But Most Have Died Off Say Experts

LONDON - England - As the misandric, feminist, homosexual agenda creates institutionalised societal hatred of men there is still a tiny enclave of blokes alive and well deep in a secret location somewhere.


Professor Howard Bloom at the Institute for the Preservation of Blokes has come up with a report that has seen his funding increased by anonymous donors, but is he right?

“It is now considered highly irregular to be a man. Primary schools are all dominated by women, the entertainment industry is dominated by female auto tune bimbos or girlyfied ponces leaving no male role models for boys, homosexuals are now getting married and woe betide anyone who does not think that’s right, and soon all political high office will be dominated by women when Hillary Clinton tries to bag the big prize in 2017. In the UK, Theresa May may even have a chance if she gets a grip on one of Cameron’s testicles and squeezes very hard. Men are now considered perverted for even admiring the female form and are punished for any form of chivalry, honour or patriarchal decency or just being generally blokey.

“Hold a door open for most women these days and get a scowl or kick in the nads. Every part of society is now geared towards belittling men. What chance do kids have any more when just being male or acting like one is a crime? For too long now men have been ostracised, criticised and de-humanised and left with little or no rights merely to be used as sperm donors by millions of women. And if you’re in America they’ll take away your gun before you’re whisked away by the Obamacare police to be re-educated at an Obamacare education centre. We’re sitting here now with our spears waiting and watching for the right time to act,” the professor said from his office.