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Christianity Experts: “You Missed Him, Jesus Came Back Years Ago”

MISSISSIPPI - USA - Theological experts have finally revealed that Jesus Christ came back to earth five years ago but left soon after. Only a few people noticed his return and his departure.

Italian Scientists: "Jesus Looked Like a Medieval European Man"

TURIN - Italy - Scientists sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church have revealed new fascinating facts that Jesus looked exactly like a medieval artist's depiction of a European man during the Middle Ages.

Rapture Followers Who Gave Away Life Savings Want Money Back

WISCONSIN - USA - Dwight Bingham, a follower of the Christian radio network Family Stations Inc is demanding the return of the $185,000 he gave to Jesus last week when the Rapture was meant to happen.

Send in Your Donations the End of the World is Nigh

OAKLAND - USA - Donations are pouring in to the End of the World Rapture movement's bank accounts just before the end of the world occurs later on today.

Worldwide Mysterious Bird Deaths Finally Solved

KENTUCKY - USA - Scientists and researchers at the George W Bush Research Institute of Neocon Science have finally discovered the real reason why thousands of birds are mysteriously falling dead out of the skies all over the world.

Three Wise Men Had Low IQ's Say Biblical Experts

NAZARETH - Israel - Archaeologists and theological researchers have uncovered evidence that proves the three wise men were actually pretty dumb.

Obama Finds Jesus

NEW MEXICO - USA - On the campaign trail for the midterm elections, Obama has been ordered by his controllers to start talking about Jesus to get some votes.

New Turin Shroud Dinosaur Clue Revealed

ALABAMA - USA - Scientists researching the Turin Shroud have revealed startling evidence about the ancient artefact that has stunned the world.

Scientists Prove Jesus Walked with Dinosaurs

PETERSBURG - Kentucky - A panel of prominent scientists and paleontologists have discovered new groundbreaking evidence that Jesus walked with dinosaurs.

Jesus Turned Wine into Water New Study Reveals

JERUSALEM - Israel - An astounding archaeological find has revealed that Jesus of Nazareth was teetotal and changed wine into water instead of water into wine.

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