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Monday, October 19, 2020
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Muslim Rage Could Be Bottled And Used to Create Electrical Power

LAHORE - Pakistan - Researchers at the Muslim Rage Foundation are finding ways of capturing pure Muslim rage and redirecting the energy into useful electricity that could help humanity.

Christianity Experts: “You Missed Him, Jesus Came Back Years Ago”

MISSISSIPPI - USA - Theological experts have finally revealed that Jesus Christ came back to earth five years ago but left soon after. Only a few people noticed his return and his departure.

Italian Scientists: "Jesus Looked Like a Medieval European Man"

TURIN - Italy - Scientists sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church have revealed new fascinating facts that Jesus looked exactly like a medieval artist's depiction of a European man during the Middle Ages.

Scientists Prove That All Religious Books Are Man-Made Nonsense

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Scientists at the Institute of Historical Research have finally released their findings after five years of dedicated research.

Catholic Church to Replace Choir Boys With Replicas

VATICAN CITY - Italy - The Pope has announced that all choirs around the world within the Catholic church are to have the young boys replaced with plastic dummies to prevent any more perversions continuing from the church's priests.

New Turin Shroud Dinosaur Clue Revealed

ALABAMA - USA - Scientists researching the Turin Shroud have revealed startling evidence about the ancient artefact that has stunned the world.

Scientists Prove Jesus Walked with Dinosaurs

PETERSBURG - Kentucky - A panel of prominent scientists and paleontologists have discovered new groundbreaking evidence that Jesus walked with dinosaurs.

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