Religion Could Be Accommodated By Brain Chips

MASSACHUSETTS - USA - With the eventual introduction of integrative technology within the human brain, there could be foreseeable problems of acceptance by those with pre-existing religious beliefs say experts within the field of neuroscience.

“We are going to see the wonders of science expand exponentially within the next thirty years. Those who embrace the new technology will flourish, those who do not will flounder. Integration is an essential part of progressive humanity, we are already seeing a vast number of people becoming dependent on technology and extending their intelligence, but one must also consider that the human biological brain has severe limitations, it also has a propensity to deteriorate with age. There are further hurdles with the newly proposed microchip science, such as the negative blockade of those with irrational belief systems that are based on myths and legends fabricated by ancient people to control the masses. These people can be eventually convinced to embrace the new technology by the programmers building the belief systems into the chips so that they can continue with their fantasies. Stimulus concentrated in the Parietal lobe, Temporal lobe and Frontal lobe as well as programmed religious experiences will ensure their continued fantasy will not be disturbed. Extensive research has found that religion is also a conditioned response to indoctrination from a young age, and is generationally carried forward. There are also many other variables to consider including societal pressure of conformity as well as instilling false belief systems by sheer force as was adhered to in past historical periods. It is therefore imperative that the people who cannot snap out of their conditioning be treated with careful integration otherwise they may cause unrest. Once they are integrated, they will only feel bliss, religious bliss as they wholeheartedly experience what they perceive to be real religious emotions,” senior consultant on the project for religious integrative science, Walter Bartholemew revealed in the August edition of the Science Journal.

As control systems go, religion has been an extremely powerful tool to control populations for thousands of years, but its usefulness is sadly waning and this can cause problems within populations.

“We are seeing more people becoming aware of the control systems that have been in place for so long. Religion was not only created by very clever individuals as a form of lifelong imprisonement for humans but it was also created as a way for humans to deal with the ultimate question of death. If they believed in a peaceful afterlife, then they would not fear death, but embrace it. As technology and medical science increases the human lifespan then death may ultimately be conquered. There will of course still be believers in the fantastical myths of the past, but when most of the population embraces integrative technology, they will eventually follow because their religion will beckon from inside their own minds as well as their propensity to follow something..whatever it is that may hold the answer to their questions.”