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These are Dangerous Times For Jews

LONDON - England - Cyclical forces of hatred are once again on the rise globally fuelling anti-Semitic hatred for the Jewish people.


Jewish people all over the world are seeing a spike in anti-Semitism, and the disgusting hate-filled abuse is rising daily at an exponential global level.

What is fuelling this rise in hatred for a people who have throughout history been persecuted to levels no other humans have been subjected to?

“The Jewish diaspora is blamed for pretty much everything by the conspiracy mongers, the Christian zealots, the Jihadists, white nationalist fascists, and every other xenophobic bigot out there. We are now seeing a spike in anti-Semitism mainly because hatred of the Jew is a cyclical thing. They are perceived to be successful, which they are through sheer hard work and graft, and they are also perceived to be controlling all sectors of business/finance/media which is not completely true. America’s policy in Israel has also fuelled an increase in anti-Semitism, by building a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, and proclaiming West Bank land as Jewish. In Europe, Jeremy Corbyn, of Britain’s Labour party daily fuels anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, as well as Labour’s Momentum group who are rabidly anti-Semitic. Many Jewish Labour MPs have been forced to relinquish their posts because of blatant hatred shown to them by Labour party members. Baron Cohen is correct to some extent in his speech, when he states that social media tech giants are responsible for the increase in anti-Semitism. It is social networks that are being used to pass through messages and propaganda against Jewish people, however, the irony of the situation is that the major social networking companies were started and are owned by Jews à la Google/Facebook. Is suing people or companies the answer to the problem? No, it is not. We need to find a better solution than proposed by Baron Cohen and the ADF. Much xenophobic behaviour is purely a symptom of ignorance and generational programming, we need to pinpoint these areas and work on them from the root. That is a long, tiresome process, but it is the only real solution to an age-old problem. Jews are just like any other people, although they are vilified and put on a pedestal for their extreme successes, at the end of the day white, black, brown, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, it does not matter, it never has, and never will,” a man at a bus stop told a group of Londoners waiting for the number 9 bus.

Much of the hatred towards Jews is religion based, and one can only hope that humans in the future put aside these divisive books created by men thousands of years ago, and instead join together as one global unit of humanity, as opposed to what we have now where religions are tearing humans apart once again. The future of human existence rests in the hands of a new world spiritual/political/scientific power which unites all as one, rejecting the old books, and rejecting the old myths which have fuelled so much death in the past.

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