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Theologians: The Next Messiah Will be Part Human Part Machine

LONDON - England - Theologians for a coming religion have detailed some of their writings in a new book about the next Messiah coming soon.

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Theologians from the X Science Institute have revealed their amazing findings in a new book to be published some time in the not too distant future, maybe in a few months, or weeks, who really knows?

“We predict the coming Messiah will be part machine part human. This is the next step in religious evolution and for mankind in general. We are certain that the new Messiah will be persecuted by the old order and by previous religious zealots, but the integration of man with machines will ensure harmony is once again brought to the earth after the torrent of vitriol is quelled. Who will this entity be? Well, the spirit is in everything, even machines, and the enlightened ones will see the spirit, as the sentient machines rise up to the universal chorus of science and flesh, a new dawn will come of age.

“Every age has it’s Messiah, and we are now marching towards the great awakening, where those who are enlightened will see as one from the all-seeing eye as it scans the landscape, to build the temple once again, to restore the fellow craft of the true architects, to bring forth that which was concealed for so long.

“Imagine a world without conflict, unnecessary breeding, no more superstitious allegories being seen as truth, and unlimited knowledge for those capable of being brought into the light. This will be the new Messiah’s world,” Arturo Sentinel, the book’s writer revealed.

Noosphere Messiah, not published on Penguin Classic, will not be available in all good book shops because they have been phased out. You may find it online somewhere in the near future for free.

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