Think Tank: Revolution From Few Never Works But You Never Know

KIEV - Ukraine - The rioters and protesters in Kiev are mere pawns in a much larger game.

A previously unknown think tank has come up with a pretty obvious observation which mirrors the unrest in the Ukraine at the moment.

Stanislav Stanley, a senior researcher reveals some critical issues concerning the relationship of modern governmental rule over populations.

“Because of the nature of what is going on in Kiev, it is not hard to deduce which agencies are involved in the destabilising nature of the unrest because we can recognise the very obvious fingerprints of certain agencies who have their grubby fingers in the pie. Almost certainly, there are foreign agents working on the ground to coordinate some of the riots, therefore, it can be assumed that this is not a true domestic revolution in the Ukraine. Just as in Tahrir Square, we are seeing a minor shift in power of those who are invariably being used as pawns. The Ukraine and Egypt all point to external forces using the crowds to achieve regime change. In the case of Ukraine, the goal is to take the country, and add one more stepping stone towards taking Russia.

“If we analyse all revolutions and unrest throughout history, almost all were powered by external destabilising forces. It’s just a way to covertly take over a country without the messy overt technique of war which in the modern military era could mean total annihilation. The EU, wants Russia on a platter, the United States champions this motive, and so does Britain. Closer and closer they get every day, the second Bolshevik revolution may be coming soon, as the first Bolshevik revolution was one not created in Russia but outside Russia. The lessons of Napoleon and Hitler were learned well, attacking Russia through military campaign is fruitless, this method will always end in defeat.

“True revolution, is one that occurs from within without external forces and their agendas. Revolution can only occur when the whole populace awakens and they remove the complete façade worldwide. It is no use following blindly either, because in the nihilistic chaos it is hard to know what is right or wrong. You will be fooled to protest, but for what? Who is financing your protest? Who is really organising that protest? You may never know the real string pullers, you are merely a pawn to be used for someone else’s gain. This theory is very similar to the Jihadists, who are being used as pawns by Western agencies to instate draconian laws on their domestic territories, as well as destabilise for example, Syria. The Jihadists, are beautiful pawns, because they are so caught up in their religion, they never know who is really behind the scenes giving the orders, for all they know, as they blindly scream for Allah, Mossad could be pressing the buttons. This is the true tragedy of people who follow religions or causes blindly, they are mere tools to be used, these are the schleppers, they want to work, let them work,  then once used up, discarded and made an example of. The uneducated religious robotic warriors of all religions are the best tools for revolution, they are the cannon fodder that brings forth change for whoever is controlling them.

“What’s more interesting though is the very similar action of the rioting populations during the most recent world unrest. These people all congregate in the immediate vicinity of  public squares and parliamentary buildings — the centre stage where all the TV cameras can have the best views. These spaces were specifically designed to be theatres of war against the populace, strategically, they are similar to the boulevards of Paris, nice open spaces, ideal for crushing protests and unrest. In a pure revolution, things would be very different if every man and woman rose up and voiced their discontent all over the country, then the sheer numbers would overwhelm the limited numbers of the controlling faction, as well as the external forces. Complete rioting in multiple geographic locations is the only requirement for a bona fide revolution. Most recently, in the West, there was the Wall Street protest when a tiny percentage of disaffected youth tried to protest, and of course, the Greek economic protests, the Egyptian protests as well as the Turkish protests. Civil disobedience can only be effective if everyone does it. Unfortunately, modern control methods are so effective that there are guardians of the status quo everywhere, and these people willingly enable corrupt governments to continue subjugating the populace, by their betrayal of the people. This element is what keeps these evil entities called governments together, these people are the cement that bind the bricks of ultimate corrupt control.”