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Sally Bercow to Chair PMQs From Now On

LONDON - England - The House of Commons is undergoing many changes with the self imposed retirement of John Bercow, and the subsequent arrival of his wife, Sally Bercow as Commons Speaker.

House Speaker, John Bercow stood down yesterday, instating his controversial wife as Commons Speaker in a lavish ceremony that would make any ‘sarf London’ sleazoid nightclub applaud.

“I got rather fed up of it all really. Way too boisterous for me, I get too much of that at home with my out of control wife, why would I want the same cretinous chaos at my day job as well?”

From now on Prime Minister’s Questions will be chaired by Sally Bercow who will only wear a bed sheet, be flanked by two steroid using clubbers from a South London night club, and if any MPs get too loud, a trap door will open from which an Irish gypsy cage fighter will emerge to punch the living shit out of the offending MP.

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