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Used Car Dealer Chris Moyles Sold Me an Old Banger

LUTON - England - A man is suing former used car dealer Chris Moyles, who also moonlighted as a Radio One DJ, for selling him a used Ford Cortina Mark II which barely drove out of the lot.


“He said it was a real goer, a bit like his wife, I looked under the bonnet and alarm bells should have been going when I saw the cellotape on the engine casing,” the angry man revealed in the Daily Mail.

In another picture exclusive in the Mail, you know where they have disgruntled customers staring at the camera, or someone who’s had an error in their utility bill, the man was naturally pictured staring at the camera lens with an angry wronged look on his face.

“I want my £300 back and if I don’t get it after this picture exclusive in the papers, I’m going to drive this car into Moyles’ mansion.”

Former car salesman, Chris Moyles was not available for comment, but according to his boss, he’s somewhere in the Cayman Islands counting the dosh he has left.

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