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Thousands Brits Mourn Loss of Piers Morgan From CNN

LONDON - England - Warnings have gone up all over the country that Piers Morgan has been fired from his American talk show.

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Britain is in mourning as news slowly filters through that Moron has been axed from his CNN show.

All over the country people have been taking to the streets in severe shock.

“What is CNN thinking? Do they not know the terrible impact of  their decision? This means Piers Morgan is coming back to the UK,” an angry protestor told BBC news.

It seems even the Americans were not fooled by the moron, and his anti-gun stance was the final bullet in the head.

The flag at Buckingham palace was flying at half mast, and people were weeping in the streets.

“Please stay in America. MSNBC has to give him a job. Please, this nightmare is not happening. I don’t believe this is happening, no, somebody has to do something?” another protestor said before jumping off a building.

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