EU Migrants Could Riot if Demands Not Met

SCUNTHORPE - England - The tiny island of Britain which has endured a mass influx of EU migrants consisting of benefit tourists and job seekers from some of the poorest countries in Europe's former Soviet bloc, may feel discontented and riot if their demands are not met.


There are hardly any jobs for Brits let alone millions of EU migrants intent on grabbing a piece of the British pie.

“EU officials have told us that whole villages and towns will have to be bulldozed to build new cities to accommodate the massive influx. As for the NHS, and Britain’s welfare state, that will slowly have to be phased out as there is no more money left in the pot. The benefits system has been milked too much, not only by the millions of migrants entering Britain every month, but the idle indigenous population. This is a good opportunity to abolish it once and for all,” an unnamed official for some department or other revealed.

Much of Britain now is an enclave of former Soviet bloc Eastern Europe, and Cameron has been urged to start building new cities to accommodate the economic migrants.

An unelected EU technocrat voiced his opinion on the whole debacle: “We are pushing for Scotland breaking away destabilising the former United Kingdom, as well as the engineered influx of tens of millions of poor uneducated migrants from the EU with no skills. This will further destabilise the UK, not only economically but within their social fabric. This two pronged attack on the English, is just the beginning, we have other techniques of destroying them further, and we are working on more goodies. As long as the stupid Brits pay for my unlimited expense account, I am more than happy to ruin their country. White Britons should be happy anyway, because the new EU migrants are mostly white, Christians, therefore they are superior to the previous influx in the 60s,70s and 80s. That’s what the English want, isn’t it? In time, the others will be phased out.”