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Call For Guns to Be Banned in Murder Capital London

LONDON - England - London under Labour leadership is now more murderous than New York. Maybe it is time to ban guns in the UK?

Thousands Brits Mourn Loss of Piers Morgan From CNN

LONDON - England - Warnings have gone up all over the country that Piers Morgan has been fired from his American talk show.

Australian Cricketer to Get New Year Honours From Queen

LONDON - England - Buckingham palace has announced the New Year's Honours list will include a very talented Australian cricketer.

Alex Jones Receives Coveted Order of the Alamo Award

TEXAS - USA - The English tried, Mexico's Santa Ana tried, and now Piers Moron tried and failed to break America. At the forefront is Alex Jones who put the proverbial smack down on Moron's own CNN show the other day.

Yanks Threaten to Deport Piers Moron Back to UK

LOS ANGELES - USA - When the Yanks are calling for your head on a stick and to be deported from America you better listen Piers Moron. The problem is, he's not wanted in the UK either, but how about Iran?

Cowell Raw Sewage Injections Taking Toll

LOS ANGELES - USA - Simon Cowell, the man behind untalent shows like the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, is showing the strain of faecal injections.

Piers Morgan Has Mobile Phone Hacked

LOS ANGELES - USA - Serial liar and perverter of justice, Piers Morgan, who lied under oath about his phone hacking escapades during his tenure as Mirror editor, has had his phone hacked revealing for the very first time the private messages on his phone.

Primitive Cave Woman Found on Britain’s Got Talent

GRIMSBY - England - Reality show, Britain's Got Talent is at the centre of an anthropological discovery that could change the face of human history as a cave woman somehow got to perform in front of millions of people on Sunday night.

Americans Not Fooled by Moron

NEW YORK - USA - Piers Moron, who has taken over from Larry King on the CNN talk show, has fallen flat on his face as a ratings disaster.

Could This be the New SuBo?

COVENTRY - England - Britain's Got Talent judges and the British public have been astounded by the latest piece of massive talent to come out of our great nation -- Mary Bale.

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