Yanks Threaten to Deport Piers Moron Back to UK

LOS ANGELES - USA - When the Yanks are calling for your head on a stick and to be deported from America you better listen Piers Moron. The problem is, he's not wanted in the UK either, but how about Iran?

Unpopular Piers Moron was a welcome exile from Britain when he was invited to ruin CNN’s ratings, but there is a real danger that he might be deported from America to Britain soon because the Americans are slowly waking up to what a smarmy unlikeable little shister he is.

The British Home Office fears that the repulsive Piers Moron coming back to our shores could cause mass public panic and vomiting in the streets.

“In no circumstances do we want that c**t back here in Blighty. If he does come back here we will intercept the plane and maybe send it to Syria or Iran. Somewhere far away and dangerous where Moron can smile his smarmy shit-stirring smile at other people and possibly get a bout of fatal malaria. Every time I see his face or hear his voice I start punching furniture or anything around me, he is so bloody annoying!” a senior Home Office manager told the BBC.

Was Piers Moron sent to America as a form of punishment for the Americans?

There is some speculation that Whitehall engineered the Piers Moron American trip to annoy the American populace and create mass discord across the Atlantic.

“What counts is we got rid of the nasty little toe rag and our aim is for him to stay with our Yankee cousins forever,” a Westminster media insider revealed.

With a White House petition topping 75,000 signatures to deport Moron back to the UK, a Number10 poll has received 85,000 signatures to keep him in the US.