French Cheese Mountain in Belgium Attributed to Depardieu

NECHIN - Belgium - EU officials are complaining that the latest cheese surplus in the country is nothing to do with governmental waste but newly tax exiled French actor Gerard Depardieu.

“Depardieu likes his fromage! All 450 tonnes of the stuff, he had it delivered from France yesterday, they put it all in a warehouse right next to his newly acquired mansion,” Gaston Thibaut, the Belgian minister for agriculture told the Sud Presse newspaper.

French cheese officials were furious that the actor had relinquished France of so much cheese.

“We want our fromage back. We don’t care how much Depardieu paid for it, he is a traitor to France and he owes us 75% of his income,” Jean-Pierre Arnaud, the French minister of cheese told French TV networks last night.

Unpopular socialist French prime minister Francois Hollande even tried to personally intervene yesterday by trying to organise a blockade of the Depardieu cheese convoy of 42 trucks but could not gather much support.

“Depardieu loves his fromage Français, what can we dire? Il est un héros Français pour défier la imbecile Hollande and nous support pleinement,” a French cheese maker told a local radio station in Auvergne.