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Cameron Stasi Snooper’s Charter to Spy on You

LONDON - England - The British Coalition government is introducing a new Communications Data Bill which will take away all internet and telephone privacy for every UK citizen.

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Even under the oppressive regimes of the past like Stalin’s Russia or the Stasi’s East Germany has there never been such a wealth of information collected by a government to be used against its citizens as the British government is now doing with the Communications Data Bill.

David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat counterpart, Nick Clegg have ordered all communications providers to collect, store and provide access to information about emails, online conversations and texts for all citizens for a period of one year or more. The original bill was thought up by the previous socialist Labour party and is simply being adopted and adapted by David Cameron.

Not only will the government now have all of your data but the first section of the draft bill orders companies to collect specific datasets and any agency that wishes to utilise the data on any citizen as they wish, will be allowed to do so with little or no checks.

The second part of the bill allows any public body to acquire the data and utilise it in their operations or marketing techniques.

The third section of the snooper’s charter changes the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), repeals all other existing powers that involve retaining and disclosing communications data, and gives the Information Minister, the Interception of Communications Commissioner, and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal the responsibility for scrutinizing the implementation of these powers.

The Leveson-inspired Thought Police will punish any citizens who are guilty of Thought Crimes and give the UK government broad powers to order any communications provider to collect and disclose communications data by any means. Black boxes will be ordered to be installed on ISPs networks, which will enable relevant government bodies to have access to communications data. That represents a fundamental shift to general mass surveillance of the population outsourced to the private sector. In fact, the proposals will lead to the creation of a database of a wide range of information about people’s communications.

Already the data generated through the use of social surveillance services like Facebook, Google and Twitter reveals far more about people than their phone records to the UK governmental agencies and public bodies but the UK agencies want even more indepth data.

The clincher, is that there will be no external oversight of access requests and any governmental officer who wishes to access citizen data may do so without any checks.

Anyone who says anything that criticises government policy or is deemed as a radical will thus be able to be targeted by their data and location as well as who they speak to. This will give the government broad powers to seek out any form of dissent and stamp it out immediately much like is done in oppressive totalitarian communistic regimes like China.

Not only will the new Communications Data Bill be used to clamp down on all forms of privacy in the UK but it will be also paid for by the taxpayer.

With a conservative estimate of £2.9 billion for the draconian scheme, the taxpayer will foot the bill for their own incarceration in Prison Britain.

The Iron Curtain has dropped over the UK thanks to the Coalition government and from now on every citizen in the UK can say goodbye to their already limited freedom.

As the UK government is also planning to introduce road tolls on every road in the UK, this will mean that all road vehicles will have to have a black box fitted on the vehicles, or be tracked with auto number plate recognition cameras, so they can be charged and their every journey tracked and logged.

And don’t worry, Obama is bringing the same thing to America soon.

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  1. I cannot understand why anyone would care having heir online activity monitord? I have absolutely nothing to hide and yu can listen to my phone calls to.

  2. I for one and fully supportive of the new Bill because it will maybe catch a few crims and terrorists. Im willing to give up my freedoms so that the gov can get the bad people. There is nothing to fear if you have nothing bad going on. If the UK also stops all cash transactions then there will be another way of stopping the bad people.

  3. @Richard H.

    You will not object when they come to install video cameras in your home then, after all, "nothing to hide then you should not be bothered".

    Richard suits you, Dick.

  4. If you've got nothing to hide then you should not be bothered. I for one am glad that the gov is cracking down on the internet.

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