Primitive Cave Woman Found on Britain’s Got Talent

GRIMSBY - England - Reality show, Britain's Got Talent is at the centre of an anthropological discovery that could change the face of human history as a cave woman somehow got to perform in front of millions of people on Sunday night.

The cave woman even wore a primitive form of boot made from animal skins and performed a dance to the cheering audience. It was only after the show had ended that people realised the significance of the appearance by the cave woman.

“Quite possibly a glacier melted somewhere and she must have popped out and made her way to the BGT stage. I think she was wonderful and I give her a full recommendation for another appearance,” Pierce Moron, one of the judges on the show revealed.

Anthropologists from Cambridge University caught the cave woman afterwards and had to use a tranquiliser dart to put her in a cage.

“This discovery could throw some light on how our ancestors developed hundreds of thousands of years ago. From our initial analysis we estimate this woman to be from the Homo antecessor genus which is an extinct human subspecies dating from 1.2 million to 800,000 years ago. We, of course, need to conduct more research into this amazing discovery,” professor Gerald Bryce, told the BBC.

The cave woman has been named ‘Nora’ by the scientific community who will be studying her.