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Piers Morgan Has Mobile Phone Hacked

LOS ANGELES - USA - Serial liar and perverter of justice, Piers Morgan, who lied under oath about his phone hacking escapades during his tenure as Mirror editor, has had his phone hacked revealing for the very first time the private messages on his phone.

The hacker was able to access the private messages left to Piers Moron, who ruined so many people’s lives with his evil deceitful practices of hacking phones and listening to people’s private messages to write revealing articles in his paper.

“I was able to access Piers Moron’s phone messages and to say I was shocked at what I heard would be an understatement. I have to say though, he fully deserves everything that comes to him the smug faced lying piece of shit,” the anonymous hacker revealed to BBC’s Newsnight.

For the very first time, the Daily Squib can reveal the 20 most recent messages all from different people on Piers Moron’s mobile phone:

1. You are a c*nt

2. You are a c*nt

3. You are a c*nt

4. You are a c*nt

5. You are a c*nt

6. You are a c*nt

7. You are a c*nt

8. You are a c*nt

9. You are a c*nt

10. You are a c*nt

11. You are a c*nt

12. You are a c*nt

13. You are a c*nt

14. You are a c*nt

15. You are a c*nt

16. You are a c*nt

17. You are a c*nt

18. You are a c*nt

19. You are a c*nt

20. You are a c*nt

Piers Moron, who is currently running CNN into the dirt with poor ratings for his awful talk show, was not available for comment when contacted yesterday. He’s still a c*nt though.

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  1. Piers is a lying c**t and he should be locked up; his time is running out and there is a jail cell waiting for him…

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