Americans Not Fooled by Moron

NEW YORK - USA - Piers Moron, who has taken over from Larry King on the CNN talk show, has fallen flat on his face as a ratings disaster.

“The Brits tried to ship this guy over from the UK but we don’t want him. He’s a smarmy limey and he ain’t gonna last. Bring back Larry all the way. This guy sucks shit! He’s worse than that British Petroleum CEO and that’s saying something.”

Moron’s ratings disaster in America should ensure that he will be on a boat back to England soon, but many are angry that this calamitous scenario could really play out.

“He should stay in America. Let them suffer the slimy swine,” an angry British TV viewer opined.

If Piers Moron threatens to come back to the UK’s shores after he is shown the door, many have vowed to throw their TVs away and discontinue paying their licenses.

“Every time he comes on the screen I throw things at the telly. Don’t care if it’s my dog, my wife or my cat. I can’t stand looking at his smarmy face on every show. I just want to punch the disgusting smirk off his face,” Gerald Potts, 67, a retired postman told the BBC.