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Met Police War Criminal Hotspot Website Reveals Tony Blair's House

LONDON - England - War criminals were shuddering in fear today as their whereabouts were revealed in a new website by the Metropolitan police.

Speaking from the Met’s head quarters at Scotland Yard, the man in charge of the operation, DCI Headwind, said: “We have reason to believe that a number of war criminals are living in London and that is why we have published the information on our new War Criminal Hotspots website. As you may already know, the kingpin of all war criminals, Tony Blair, is living in a massive mansion in Connaught Square, of which we have published the aforesaid address on the internet. Members of the public may peruse the whereabouts of this man and may see if he lives near their place of abode. This is the purpose of the new website launched by the police force today.”

After the website was launched, there was such a huge amount of web traffic to the site that the servers were shut down momentarily.

“I wanted to see if Blair, the war criminal, lived near me. No one wants a bloody war criminal living near their house do they? I live out in Tottenham so I’m safe, although the regular crime here is so intense sometimes that one needs a bulletproof vest just to go to the offie,” Alf Newham, 58, told the BBC.

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