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Tech Companies to Airdrop Gadgets onto Lost Amazonian Tribe

THE AMAZON - Brazil - A long lost tribe in the Amazonian jungle is set to have a large consignment of electronic gadgets and computers dropped by air onto their territory, the Brazilian President has revealed.

The Amazonian tribe are believed to be the long lost Ifon tribe, and their their community has never had any contact from outsiders.

“It is crucial that this long lost tribe are integrated into the modern world immediately. This is why we have consulted the world’s tech companies to give us their gadgets so that we can airdrop their products onto the lost tribe’s village.” President Alan García said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The gadget laden package will be dropped by a cargo plane from 8,000 feet and the essential supplies should ensure the tribal members will enter the 21st century with an electronic smile.

“Soon we’ll have these Indians twittering, facebooking, talking on their iphones and comparing notes on their ipads. The amount of gadgets we have packed into the container is astounding. We also have 3D HD TVs, Blueray DVDs and playstations galore. I want to see their faces when they take these amazing gadgets into their straw shacks, jump into their hammocks and get texting,” Arthur Conan Boyle, CEO for Blueberry revealed in Tech Soup magazine.

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