Mubarak Could Be Mummified Egyptians Claim

CAIRO - Egypt - Fed up Egyptians who are angry with the current regime and President Hosni Mubarak's reluctance to resign are now talking of mummification.

Professor Bin Ali at Cairo’s world famous museum said: “I have been consulted by many protesters about the process of mummification. They want me to supervise them when they finally catch Mubarak.”

Some protesters were however not so happy about the mummification proposals and voiced their anger.

“Mummification means that the body is preserved. F*ck that for a laugh, we don’t want Hosni preserved, we want the idiot to disappear,” Jallilli bin Abdul Ginsters Mahmoudi, a resident of Cairo told Al Jazeera news.

As the daily riots and lawless anarchy continues in the beleaguered country, political commentators are also claiming that Hosni Mubarak may be getting help from ex-prime minister, Gordon Brown.

“Certainly we think that Gordon Brown has been on the phone to this guy Mubarak. He’s been giving him tips on how to hold onto his unelected position of power,” Mohamed Fandango, an opposition party member told the BBC.