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Call For Guns to Be Banned in Murder Capital London

LONDON - England - London under Labour leadership is now more murderous than New York. Maybe it is time to ban guns in the UK?

Piers Moron, former Daily Mirror editor, and anti-gun campaigner when he was in America, has now called for a gun ban in London.

The spate of vicious murders in the capital city, are a serious cause for concern for anti-gun campaigners.

“We need to ban guns in London especially because they’re using Ak47 assault rifles, automatic pistols and all sorts of guns to murder people,” Moron said from the safety of his Cotswolds mansion cottage.

Anti-gun campaigners are now petitioning the government to ban guns in the UK, because gun control really works.

Ban them now. I am sure if you ban guns all the gun murders will stop

“We need to say to these people. Put down your guns. There is no need to shoot someone. All these people really need is to sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a happy conversation with someone. Guns are not the answer. Ban them now. I am sure if you ban guns all the gun murders will stop,” Moron added.

Meanwhile, the capital city’s Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, said…nothing.

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