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Californian Man Who Used Wrong Gender Pronoun Now a Social Outcast

LOS ANGELES - USA - A Californian man has had his life completely ruined when he accidentally used a wrong gender pronoun.

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Bill Pevensey, 49, accidentally called a lesbian transgender woman who used to be a gay bi-heterosexual lesbian man by the wrong gender pronoun at his office last week. Since then he has lost his job, his, dog, his wife has divorced him, and he has lost his kids, friends and home.

“I accidentally called Jim who had recently changed to Janine, a he, and that’s when I was ostracised from everyone. It was confusing because he came in to the office one day dressed as a woman. Oh shit, I did it again, I mean she came into the office dressed as a woman.”

The Californian body that deals with transgender matters, the Democrat party, was on hand to further Mr. Pevensey’s outsider status in the state.

“We have ordered all people to ignore this man completely if he does not adhere to our rules and regulations. He has also been disowned by his own dog which we took into the dog pound yesterday. His kids do not talk to him and his ex-wife has been given 100% of the house.”

Even the previously friendly staff at the man’s local Trader Joe’s store now ignore him completely.

Subsequently, the Daily Squib was told by Californian legislatures that if we posted this article about the ignored man we would be ignored too. That’s okay folks, we’re ignored  anyway so it don’t matter.

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