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The EU Now Controls the Conservative Party

LONDON - England - The EU controls the Conservative Party, or what is left of the party that once won an election with an 80% majority.

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It is frightening to think that it was only a few years ago that Boris Johnson finally put through a Brexit framework and supposedly took Britain out of the EU, a periless operation after many years of hardship as remainers tried to halt the democratic process won by voters in 2016. Fast-forward to 2023, and we clearly see that the 2016 democratic vote in the referendum means nothing to the majority of parliamentarians, and neither does democracy.

The Conservative government basically devoured its own guts from the inside out, and all that remains is an autocratic machine tied to its ultimate master — Brussels. From an 80% majority win at the election to a state of losing 1,000s of seats at the recent by-election and with popularity polls at some of the lowest levels ever seen, what is left of the eviscerated Tory Party is a far cry from its former self.

The entire Tory government apart from a few left fighting the battlements is now made up of remainers, as the Brexiteers have all been purged from the party. Treachery, dastardly plots and poisonous sneaky reports made damn sure that the civil service remainer swamp killed off any pretensions of a good Brexit, or of a Brexit at all.

We are still dictated to by thousands of EU laws, the ECHR, the ECJ, and anything that Brussels orders, the UK genuflects in front of its real king — the EU Commission. We have not left the EU, and it is pertinent to infer that we will NEVER leave the EU. Such is the hold on this fair cash cow called Britain, that the EU’s octopus grip cannot let go with its steely tentacles.


One other thing we must add: as the remainers won the war, and killed off any aspersions of Brexit, the EU agents working in the country have completed their mission with brilliance, however we have also noticed that during this period, the EU have also toned down their nasty totalitarian rhetoric. They have toned down their threats of total integration, and Juncker divisive language which pretty much caused Brexit. They have even shut down any talk of the EU Army. Why is that? Ah, it’s because they are waiting for the UK to be re-integrated fully into the EU. The remainers have done the groundwork, prepared the field and are now simply waiting for the 2024 elections where it is a serious probability that Labour will win the election. It is not that the Labour is any more proficient than the ruined Tories, it is just that the populace has had enough of the other party, and will vote for a change, which will prove even worse for the nation.

In 2016, voters voted to leave the EU. It was a historical moment in British history and one of the greatest democratic votes ever witnessed. Since then, we have seen what real democracy means in the UK — nothing.

We will never vote ever again in this country, and urge you as a voter to never vote again as well. Your vote does not count, and never will.

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