Feminists Encourage Aborting Male Babies

NEW YORK - USA - A feminist who aborted her baby because it was male has been applauded by feminists worldwide in the push to kill more male children.

Feminists who sometimes breed or have sperm donors are encouraged by a young lady who aborted her baby because it was male.

“The hatred we feel for men is immeasurable therefore we are advising all feminists worldwide to kill as many male babies as they can. If every woman only gave birth to females, eventually there would be no males in the world, and we would all be happy. The earth would be saved,” Nicole Shitringer, a feminist activist from California, told Femen Week magazine.


The feminist doctrine is one that has increased in fervour by leaps and bounds within the last few years with ever more increasing anti-male hatred being assimilated into mainstream policy.

“This is a great opportunity to kill more male babies. We want them all dead, all men are rapists. When I saw the 8-month aborted foetus come out of me still alive I laughed as they put it in the bin still squirming. I hate men and to see these rapists all dead makes my heart fill with joy. Come on sisters, we must carry on murdering them. More dead male babies. We are their mothers, and we want to kill them, to make them suffer for being born male,” Shitringer added.

British Equalities Minister, Harriet Harperson voiced her approval: “The young feminist lady who aborted her male baby is a heroine and should be honoured for her bravery. By killing a baby which is male, she has done a great service to women across the world.”

close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white
A baby boy sleeps innocent to his fate