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Feminists Encourage Aborting Male Babies

NEW YORK - USA - A feminist who aborted her baby because it was male has been applauded by feminists worldwide in the push to kill more male children.

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Feminists who sometimes breed or have sperm donors are encouraged by a young lady who aborted her baby because it was male.

“The hatred we feel for men is immeasurable therefore we are advising all feminists worldwide to kill as many male babies as they can. If every woman only gave birth to females, eventually there would be no males in the world, and we would all be happy. The earth would be saved,” Nicole Shitringer, a feminist activist from California, told Femen Week magazine.


The feminist doctrine is one that has increased in fervour by leaps and bounds within the last few years with ever more increasing anti-male hatred being assimilated into mainstream policy.

“This is a great opportunity to kill more male babies. We want them all dead, all men are rapists. When I saw the 8-month aborted foetus come out of me still alive I laughed as they put it in the bin still squirming. I hate men and to see these rapists all dead makes my heart fill with joy. Come on sisters, we must carry on murdering them. More dead male babies. We are their mothers, and we want to kill them, to make them suffer for being born male,” Shitringer added.

British Equalities Minister, Harriet Harperson voiced her approval: “The young feminist lady who aborted her male baby is a heroine and should be honoured for her bravery. By killing a baby which is male, she has done a great service to women across the world.”

close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white
A baby boy sleeps innocent to his fate

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  1. why not that 67% of women who are against feminist kill all females and only give birth to males is that nice huh huh no no no just keep killing males and when we shoot, burn, blow you out of the sky then what bitch.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Women are the voting majority in America. Sadly, like some other majority groups, they are exploiting this status. People are more than the sum of their DNA.

  2. Tanniru Vijaya Mohan the Doctor from United Iingedom and her daughters
    1. Tanniru Kavita Mohan
    2. Tanniru Anita Mohan

    are murderers of male fetus, United Kingdom Encourages such women and breeds them

  3. Cunts are the names for the water wells in India, which give life. Men do not honor or give women credit for being the ones who bring life into the world, and in your case, you demean women. That kind of attitude is only going to fuel the notion that males should be reduced.

    • lana should be sent for trial. its not right just to abort a baby just because its male or female but i got rid of my female baby cause i dont more feminist.

  4. You are running out of arguments dick. And BTW, you are only fueling women to do this with your misogynist attitude. Who knows maybe some woman read your comment and decided to abort a boy that day. Why don’t you try to prove that men are human instead?

    • A year back I replied to a woman saying she wanted to abort male babies, while the patriarchies in the third world countries are aborting females daily, I live in one of those third world countries and I actively try to protest against the inequalities and sexism here while I read articles about western women like these who have all the privilege third world women will never see in their, to sympathize with her insanity would fuel people who read these insane acts to hate women, Imagine a sexist misogynistic pig from third world country reading this, what do you think he will do when he come across a girl childs killing if he just read that his gender was a parasite, a menace and a burden…. you hypocritical people dont realise how hard it is to change traditionaly patriarchal people and their views of girls and you special snowflakes talk about aborting male babies, I need no arguments with people who are sympathetic to this gendered violence of both sexes. Who knows what a third world country man would read this and abort his girl child, and yes men have the power to do that .
      Thank God, I dont live in a western world with psychotic women like her.
      We’ve all disintegrated from being humans to genders, races and religions…. Hence, there’s no hope…If you’re willing to see a gender in an infant, indeed you’re not human..you’re a monster.

  5. Wait till more and more male “refugees inundate Europe and the USA. When they start to unleash their real and vile misogyny on the then women majority in the western countries. Sure girls, keep up bringing females to the world, the flow of male refugees will not abate if Ms Merkel and Mr Cameron have their say…

  6. Women are picking a fight that they cannot win. You want to see where all of this will end then keep on pushing…

  7. Lana is a hero! Boys grow up to be men, and men rape. Therefore if we rid the world of boys, there will come a day when rape no longer exists. Science will find a way to create babies without sperm, and all babies born will be female. NO MORE BOYS!
    Boys should be terminated, and should ideally be castrated and their filthy wieners slowly removed beforehand. They should be made to suffer for being males.

    The future is female!

    • What makes you different than a Nazi who wants all Jews dead based solely on genetics? Are you going to use gas chambers to kill off little boys or just mandatory abortion?

      All types of supremacism are lies from the dark ages. While violent sex offenders–male or female–should be executed, there is no such thing as a 100% criminal race or gender. In fact, sociopaths are only 1/24th of the population.

      Vlad the impaler would be proud of you.

        • That’s not true. Many card carrying Nazis were female both before and after Hitler seized power.

          The Nazis never banned women from joining. Many women worked in munitions factories and operated antiaircraft guns around cities and other strongholds.

          Women were very involved in propaganda productions in both films and written materials.

          Women also took part in concentration camps and some were accused of war crimes.

          Squatting to urinate doesn’t effect altruism in and of itself. It’s concern for others and your country that makes you a non sociopath.

          • similar to modern day feminists….nazis also had an honorary aryan title given to jews who renounced jewness

            both men and women are involved in feminism..with women the majority..similar to nazis with majority of men…when you look closely these to movements are very simmilar

    • It’s a tough decision to make. I am NOT attracted to other females romantically. At ALL. So, without males, it will be …weird. However, at least the crime rate would go down. The shootings, the beatings of women at the hands of men. I don’t know.

      • have you ever read y the last man ….even with us men gone…all the crimes you say will still be commited by women who are much more masculine or one who take our roles..we still will be alive in you…it wont be a girly girly feminine world….there still will be violence and rape reduced to a half..in the end we are humans..if all males die(all bisexual organism) the earth will be a wasteland..with all workers farmers lawmakers dead..your sewers will be blocked…life will be misery..and i can go on and on
        solution? with majority of the scientists and biologist dead..when you wymn find a solution a considerable majority will be dead…nations will be at war for sperm samples..when they will find an alternative it will be too late…and then this disease known as humanity will end..yippeeee…

      • But not the beating of women at the hand of other women. The highest rate of domestic abuse in lesbians relationships.

        But you don’t have to worry about that.

    • kindly migrate to war torn syria or pakistan.or arabia..it will help you realise about women empowerment and these things you say ….heeheeheehee

    • Sure, a world without scientists would be a better world. The problem with feminists are that they don’t produce anything useful.

    • Only: Women rape as well. Especially lesbians do rape.

      Also: highest rate of domestic abuse in lesbians relationships.

  8. The scary thing is that this satire on squib is mirrored by a real life situation – the lady known as Krista [Femitheist Divine] who advocates reducing the male population of the planet by 90% and keeping only a few men around for sperm production. Some say her campaign is just a gimmick but I believe this lady is dead serious.


    • shes actually reformed now…and a normal person
      was having mental problem…went to a doctor..got cured of misandry
      would love to watch insane radical feminist scream out that they are not crazy

    • BTW: Krista [Femitheist Divine] had a change of heat and is now an MRA. Funny how some things work out.

  9. You see the contradiction is that millions of female fetuses are being aborted, dropped in garbage bins etc….the criminals who think aborting squirmy wriggly male fetuses will help reduce the male gender should be laughed upon …it is so tiny in regards to female foeticide…your comment give misogynist in places like third world to encourage openly the killing of female babies. A third worl country is where i live in….so fools u can poke the male gender..while we literally chop you all down…and it is happening…by the way you cant kill men…only men can kill men…and your utopia of a matriarchy might never happen because the male population will eventually revolt in a violent and rage filled manner….mass rape mass murder…..Male rage..and killing all women is really easy if they were not protected by men..i use to support feminism in my teen years but i later found out what it plans for male humans..#killallfeminists…..women are strong powerful loving caring organisms but not feminist….i hate feminists…if that makes me a misogynist im ok with that…

    • But you miss the point. Females are being aborted in traditional cultures. Feminism has only been around for a short period of time. I know some feminists don’t see men as human, so they don’t see that they are doing anything wrong. This woman says men are monsters. You say men can “revolt” but there won’t be a mass killing of women, cuz duh that’s illegal. Through this type of feminism women have the ultimate power – they can eventually reduce the male species. That is what the threat is. Men aren’t “allowed” to kill women. And you even hear of women in Eastern cultures beginning to abort males. Some women in China are beginning to abort males because they desperately want girls. You see the tide turning. Aborting females takes place in patriarchal cultures, where boys are equated with money. There has always been a fear within patriarchy that women would prefer girls. Men can’t “abort” females within their own body, as men do not have the ability to birth. This is why eventually with abortion and feminism, women could eventually have the ultimate power over men.

      • creating a male abortion tradition to counter patriarchal female abortion is of no use….the revolt will happen with fall of the liberal society a and again primitive rule coming back..like Rome at its height of culture it fell to Christianity and barbarians…so many men are turning to patriarchal radical religious fundamentalism because they dissatisfied with this gynocentric society..they will turn to patriarchal societies where men are supreme..these radical feministas are bringing a wrong change..generating a new misogyny genertated by little girls in princess outfits cussing men…they make men believe they have no value…and men turn to patriarchy…so my frnd that revolution will happen..by the time we realise it ..maybe this thing called internet will be gone or you and i would have new identities…all great liberal civillisations fall one day.,.think about it

        • ya know before you girls do anything we can slaughter majority and make sex slaves right. in camps of course and then we can take the males an dleave the females to grow up only think abouth sex and use them again thats all we win.

    • You come across as someone who “likes” and is proud of the killing of female babies. You are practically boasting about it.

      • my culture enjoys the birth of babies regardless of gender…i am against killing of babies of any genders…when i look at western media and its hate for male babies..i find it interesting to see this contradiction that people from other cultures in my country are silently committing female infanticide and in your west boasting about male baby abortion and reactions to the new british royal baby who was so so male

    • We already have “mass rape” “mass murder” etc. No, it won’t happen. This is a gradual thing. You don’t even know it’s happening, actually.

      • cologne attacks..etc etc…these crimes will not be committed by me who live in geocentric societies..obviously a third party

  10. I cried when I read Lana’s story. Please don’t blame her. What she did was for the good. Im just so sad she had to go through the indignant process of abortion.

    • bitch dont you dare say that what if i tell my wife to get rid of a female child wait i already did.

  11. Any woman who sleeps with a man is a prostitute. The act of intercourse is rape by the male. The physical act of sex is rape. Men are raping women all over the world every day every hour every minute. We must stop the rape and violence. Sex is a violent act of aggression against women. STOP!

    • What about the extinction problem? If you’re concerned about rape, get a gun. Join the NRA or get a watch dog. Be happy. Best of all, you don’t have to exterminate half of the human race.

      Females are also capable of sexual abuse and many of these male rapists were molested by their mothers, older sisters or other females as well as other male pedophiles.

      An 8 year old boy beaten and forced to perform cunninlingus or finger bangs might resent women when he’s older, with horrific consequences, hypothetically speaking.

    • and i pity all the animals who are rapist….lets build animal jails with an extention for insects too

  12. It is my body. My mind. Men do not own anything of mine. If I want to abort a baby it is my right. Less rapists in this world is a good thing. Less war, less hatred, less pedophiles.


  13. I don’t believe this is real I clicked the link but I won’t believe it until I see a pic of this murdering bitch. Lana should be tried for murder.

  14. Face it the world would be a lot better place without men. I’ve never met a woman yet who doesn’t hate men either secretly or in the open.


  15. Anyone who agrees with this is sick. It is the most morally reprehensible attitude and it is sad our world has degraded to a point where this action is condoned. This is not a question of pro-choice on pregnancy which is accepted and supported by the vast majority. The child is dependent on the mother outside of the womb as well so does that mean post pregnancy killing of children is acceptable? So when do the rights of the child exist? This is utterly shameful anti-human garbage and the logic totally flawed. I feel sorry for those who’s lives are filled with so much hatred toward the other 50% of humanity. Maybe the real problem is staring back at them in the mirror.

    • More and more women are doing this. No one can stop it. I personally know over 10 women who have aborted baby boys. This our statement to you males. We hate you. We want you all dead.

      • The things that must have been done to you to generate that sort of hatred must have been horrendous. I know what I say will change nothing but what you are carrying around with you will only consume you and bring you misery. People have bad experiences and it is the fault of those individuals not the entire gender. Love & peace to you Laura

    • No, actually, the real problem is the male species, which tends to ruin the globe. Men are the vast majority of terrorists, they create wars and in general commit most of the crimes, particularly the violent ones. A world with fewer males will be better for all.

  16. I do not see anything wrong with aborting only boy babies. In the US we have pro choice for women so people should respect that.

  17. This article is made against feminism to make people angry about it. A woman has pro-choice when it comes to aborting and if she does not want a male child it is her CHOICE. Get over it.

    • determinig the gender as male at birth is equivalent to determining the gender as female in other countries is illegal..determinig the gender is illegal..abortion is legal…if you are fine with women aborting male babies themn you should be fine with mass female infanticide and abortion at other countries.. cheers to pro choice..and get over it

  18. It is a woman’s choice whether she wants her baby aborted. Lana made that choice so why are people so angry with her?

  19. As a feminist I approve of less males being brought into the world. It is a less messy process if through IV only female eggs are fertilized. Abortions are messy but are necessery. What Lana did is so, so brave. Bless you Lana.

    • OH LAURA LAURA your comments make me believe that women are not caring and loving creatures as i have been made to believe so from my childhood….women like you exist..and are sooo boring

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