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This Could be the Last General Election For Tory Party

LONDON - England - It's over for the Tory Party, as this could be their last General Election ever as they are consigned to the dustbin of history

What killed off the Tory Party in the UK? These may be some of the questions asked many years into the future by political commentators and historians. Was it socialism? Was it unfettered migration? Was it ignoring Brexit? Was it high taxes, high inflation? Was it general intransigence and arrogance? The Conservative Party of Britain, at least in its current form, may cease to exist after the next General Election on July 4th.

Many high ranking Cabinet Tories are now facing losing their seats after the coming election. Many ministers are either defecting to other parties or announcing their retirement from politics. Obviously these are the clever politicians who already know what is going to happen soon.

With the Farage announcement being made today, the nails in the Tory Party coffin that were already firmly in place were hammered in further for good measure.

A general election without someone like Boris Johnson, is not really an election for the Tories, who shot themselves in the foot by dumping the one guy who could have swung it for them.

Much of this farce currently being played out could have been avoided all together if there was some sort of unity within the party, but it seems a major fracture within the entire structure of the Conservatives ultimately accelerated the party’s demise. Self-inflicted wounds are often the cause of imploding political constructs, where warring rival factions within ultimately destroy the entire cohesive structure.

Who made the decision within the Tory Party to install an unelected technocrat into the Conservatives without even the Tory grassroots members voting, as is the usual tradition? Whoever made the ultimate decision to install Sunak, effectively sealed the fate of the Tory Party right there and then

The Tory Party will now be lucky to hold onto 50 or 60 seats after July 4th before they completely dissolve from existence.


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