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Anti-British New York Times Twins With Russia Today Propaganda Network

LONDON - England - News from across the pond reveals another anti-British attack from the New York Times.

The New York Times has always been a cesspit overflowing with Marxist rhetoric, but being an anti-British propaganda network for Russia, is certainly a new slant. What is it with Birkbeck College alumni dishing out Marxist agitators into the world, spewing their hatred for Britain?

Kojo Koram, an avowed anti-white racist, Britain hater, has been given full access to the New York Times where he can projectile vomit his anti-British hatred to his heart’s content. Attack dog Kojo is obviously of the same ilk as Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who is also a Birkbeck alumnus. How much did these angry rabid Rottweilers pay that college to get their overnight doctorates, so they can call themselves doctors, when in the scheme of academia, their doctorate is of the same worth as a social studies BTEC?

The New York Times is even using a former Russia Today personality to attack Britain and its new PM, Liz Truss. It seems, Britain is now not only at war with Russia indirectly, but the communist scum of America who have infiltrated and taken over all of its institutions, including the White House.

As for Birkbeck college, someone needs to take a close look at that place with a fucking microscope to root out all the Marxists. What they will find, however, is that the entire place is infested to a point that the whole sordid institution should be completely demolished.

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