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Queen Elizabeth II’s Duty to Great Britain Unmatched

BALMORAL - Scotland - Our staff's thoughts are firmly with the Queen and the royal family as she died peacefully today.

Rare praise comes from Le Squib, but in the case of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her unmatched duty to Great Britain is incomparable to any other monarch throughout history.

As she lay in her bed in Balmoral, Scotland, a favourite haunt of the Queen, the thoughts of many were with her.

Such is the deep feeling towards the monarch, even the Squib cat has shied away and retreated to his corner, only looking up sadly once in a while.

The Daily Squib’s sub sub-editor was last seen in the photocopier room downing another bottle to calm the nerves, and even shrugged off another game of billiards or FIFA.

Most of us cannot remember a time when she was not the Queen; a staunch regal upholder of the Crown, a Blitz and Cold War survivor, through subsequent Prime Ministers and governments.

God Save the Queen

21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022

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