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Eco-insanity: How the Frack Will Truss Get Britain Fracking With All the Opposition?

LONDON - England - With vast gas reserves underground, Liz Truss has opened the fracking floodgates.

When new PM Liz Truss announced that the ban on fracking will be lifted, you could literally hear all the NIMBYs and eco zealots all cry out in unison at the news.

The truth of the matter is that there are vast amounts of gas reserves to be tapped in the British Isles, but the eco zealots have managed to halt any form of fracking in the past. How the hell is Liz Truss going to push through a fracking drive across the country when all past governments caved in to the eco mob?

Certainly the UK needs to frack more, and with the current gas blockade from Russia, fracking is the ideal way to tap the huge gas reserves all over Britain.

“We estimate more gas in the British Isles recovered by fracking than we were having shipped in via Europe and Russia,” one fracker revealed.

The cost of natural gas would thus plummet and everyone could heat their homes once again without having to sell off the kids to China for medical experiments.

With gas reserves under Britain that could last for the next two hundred years, get your drill out, stick it in the fucking hole and get fracking — NOW!

The eco-Bolsheviks no doubt are now going completely insane with rage and fury. Maybe forget fracking, instead let’s use their Marxist rage to create usable energy.

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