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Royal Experts: Why the Germans Are Rolling Red Carpet Out For Harry and Meghan

DUSSELDORF - Germany - The Germans have been rolling out the red carpet and private jets for Harry and Meghan, but why the sycophantic display?

Red carpets, motorcades, police cordons, ministerial private jets, and all the other junk is being rolled out by the Germans for former royals, Harry and Meghan…but why?

John Fortington Fothering Fortingly Smythe, a royal expert, revealed the real reason for the sycophantic brown-nosing display towards the couple who supposedly left the royal family because they hated all the protocol and traditions of the Windsors.

“Simply put, by supporting Harry and Meghan who hate the UK along with its royal family, the Germans, who lead and control the EU, are displaying their extreme pleasure at this couple’s two fingers up to the UK. One must remember that woke communist politics is essentially an EU political ideology, where Marxism and collectivist communism go hand in hand.

“This is why the EU elevates Harry and Meghan even though they are mere z-list celebrities now with a shitty Netflix series that will no doubt cause more people to cancel their subscriptions.

“Anything that is against the UK, is good for the EU, and Harry along with his master, Meghan epitomises the EU’s hatred for anything British post Brexit. By parading these two grifters around and elevating them to royal status, the EU is basically saying ‘Fuck You UK’.

“Ironically, the British royal family are from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha royal lineage, and only changed their name to Windsor in 1917 to sound less German. One could postulate the Germans are showing hate towards their own repatriated royal family, but that is another conversation all together.

“So, there we have it. Because Germany is the de facto leader of the EU and controls everything about it, there is a desire post Brexit to show off Harry and Meghan as an additional kick in the gangoolies to the actual British royal family and the UK in general.”

EU Brexit punishment numero 3465

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