He Who Controls the Young and Gullible Voters is King

GRIMSBY - England - Like lambs to the slaughter, they followed their shepherd without question as he doled out those sweet saccharin lies, false promises and delicious bribes.

Jeremy Corbyn has hit upon a gold mine, because the young voters he targets are uninformed, easily led, and love freebies thrown in front of them. They are young, dumb and hungry for hope, eager for any morsel from this austerity ridden hell that they swim in. The fact that the country is still under austerity because of the previous Labour government bankrupting Britain is of course not mentioned, to the Corbyn youth, it is a Tory scum problem.

Try to explain to any of these fawning Corbynistas that nothing is free, and everything has to be paid for somewhere down the line is useless, because the initial seed has been sown, and no one is going to spoil their socialist utopian fantasy.

The fact that the UK still has a debt of £1.8 trillion created by the previous Labour government also falls on deaf ears. They just don’t want to know.

Corbyn’s voter base is not just the uninformed young pliable student, but also the ones who are entrenched in the welfare system, unemployed, unemployable, addicts, anarchists, Marxists, millennial snowflakes, these are the disenfranchised angry voters who rarely vote, but Corbyn enticed them to vote this time.

To analyse Jeremy Corbyn’s technique in pulling the wool over the eyes of the young, we must study Soviet propaganda techniques as well as the Nazi era use of the youth to put forward their agenda.

The Soviet use of repetition was in full swing during the election, where Corbyn continually repeated his promises to the young. By repeating lies and false information you eventually make it a truth amongst those who do not understand politics or economics.

pied-piper-jeremy corbyn-labour

The Labour Manifesto was one stacked full of bribes, lies that gave hope to the disenfranchised youth, and false promises that simply were not economically viable. But the clever manipulative Corbyn team did not care that they were peddling half-truths, fake promises, or outright bollocks. If a student sees that the Pied Piper Corbyn is promising that his student loan will be paid off in full by the state, he is going to be out there at first dawn ready to vote Labour.

On the other hand, we had the Conservative manifesto, where they stuck to the books, looked at what was affordable, did not promise any ridiculous giveaways, and they paid the price for that one. There was not one single bribe or pledge to give hope to anyone. To be this brutally honest was a major setback and the Conservatives paid the ultimate price by losing their parliamentary majority.

Everything is free under socialism

The lesson to be learned is, lie as much as you can in the manifesto and create false promises of hope to the youth. They will not question it. Older voters who have experience of political systems, economics or reality will see through it, and this is why you have to target the youth. Young, dumb and full of come. They have little or no understanding of any electoral process, as many have never experienced it before. The youth are ripe for the taking, easily brainwashed and suckered into anything you want them to believe in.

Whoever wants to win the next election will have to thus follow the Corbyn technique of selling false hope to the youth. To get the grey vote, sell them some cleverly filtered lies and false promises as well and you’re well sorted.