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Putin is Prepared For War – The Shameful West is Not

LONDON - England - Unless the West buckles up and increases military spending now, it will be defeated. Putin is prepared for war.

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There’s a very good reason why the French president Emmanuel Macron is always on the line to Moscow — it’s because he knows how Putin will practically walk through Europe. Naturally, the French are clever in these matters and would like to secure their future under a Russian Putin regime when the time comes. Those precious Haussmann boulevards and beautiful museums must be preserved and not turned to rubble. Basically, it is the same deal the French made when Hitler walked through Europe. Putin is prepared for war, and even though the West watches from afar it is caught in the headlights, it is almost waiting for its own demise by being totally ill-prepared.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer is cutting funding to the Ministry of Defence, and Britain’s forces are in need of huge investment. Jeremy Hunt is therefore leaving Britain defenceless, a wreck of years of underfunding with even more underfunding proposed.

The failed Ukraine counterattack is a sign that Ukraine is on the back foot, especially as Putin increases production of military arms and munitions. Russia is also receiving military assistance from China, N. Korea and Iran.

What can the poor Ukrainians do as hordes of drugged-up Russian conscripts come at them wave after wave with unlimited supplies of bullets and convicts from Russia’s jails? The Americans are now moaning about continuing to arm and fund the poor Ukrainians.

Putin has been playing the long-game all along, and now that is paying off as the beleaguered, tired West is faltering under a malaise of disenchantment and apathy. The West, is not only being beaten on the battlefields of Ukraine, but decades of demoralisation by the leftists (who aid our enemies) are taking a serious toll.

Unless the West and NATO buckle the fuck up, then there will be no chance. Western nations need to either wake up or be defeated once and for all. This means a huge increase in military defence capabilities and a complete deletion of woke culture, which is being pushed by the WEF. In essence, the WEF is working for the rise of totalitarian China and Russia to take over the West and this can be thus labelled as a Western problem that must ultimately be solved from within.

In war, the weak do not survive.

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